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Brass Tube Fitting Manufacturer & Supplier

Instrulok is a worldwide Brass tube Fitting manufacturer and supplier. Each output produced by us matches up to the standard levels. At Instrulok we work to produce the best quality products, have ambitious prices, and excellent customer service. Moreover, we produce Brass tube fitting not only according to standard-sized fittings but also to your specified prints. In addition to that, we also ensure that the delivery takes place on time and in suitably packaged manner. Brass is basically an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass tube fitting are brought into use when you need to connect runs of tubing to other tube openings. Different ranges of brass having different properties can be created using variations in the ratio of copper and zinc mixing. At the same time, Brass is useful for decorative reasons as it has the gold-like appearance, for usage in low friction areas such as gears, locks, doorknobs, bearings, etc. Moreover, Brass is also useful is plumbing and electrical appliances and also in zippers. It is useful in areas where sparks need to be avoided.With 70plus years of experienced manufacturing of brass tube fittings, Instrulok has also achieved mass production in valves and pipe nipples, lead-free brass fittings, brass forgings, rods, and castings etc. with our advancement in transport facility, we also offer same day shipping facility. Meanwhile, we also produce other products like Brass Pipe Fittings, Brass Flare Fittings, brass hose fittings, brass sanitary parts, brass valve fittings, brass anchor fittings, etc.

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Brass Tube Fitting

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Tubing vs. Piping and Hose:

Let’s start with clarifying the terms “tube” and “pipe”. Nevertheless, both are indented cylinder-shaped materials with proportions of stiffness and durability. This is in disparity with “hose” which is a bit more compact and malleable. Generally, tubes are those with exactly specified dimensions, i.e., the outer diameter of any tube will always be 1.5 inches. Whereas, the case with pipes is different. They have different dimensions, i.e., different inner diameters.

  • Plumbing: rust resistance, rigidity, and sturdiness.
  • Automobiles: ballock adapters, brakes, fuel line valves, refrigerator fittings.
  • Hydraulic: transferring liquids or fluids.
  • Pneumatic: transfer of gasses or vapor.
  • Whether couplings or bushings or brass lavatory or valves or tube fittings, Instrulok is compatible to produce all of these with its advance technology and skilled employees. Our shipping goes worldwide with on time delivery at your residence or also directly at your plant.

Different Tube Fittings perform different Functions and are usually in Four categories:

  • Fittings which extend tube lengths.
    Fittings like Adapters connect two dissimilar tubes to each other. Also, coupling joins two similar tubes and Sleeve connects two tubes to each other using fasteners. Furthermore, Union couplings can separate two tubes. On the other hand, Cap and plug covers and closes off the end of tube respectively through welded or threaded connection.
  • Tube Fittings which change directions:
    Elbow fittings change directions of tubing to various angles and Tee fittings connect three prices of tubing forming a T-figure intersection. Wye fittings connect three pieces of tubing in a Y shape figure which leads in combining or splitting flow with less resistivity. Cross fittings are four-way connectors which are actually three outlets and one inlet. Of course, Crosses are faster than tees but they have less resistivity.
  • Brass Tube Fittings which connect small tubes:
    Reducer fittings connect any tube of any size and Olet fittings are those which are joint when ample tees or crosses are not available.
  • Fittings which give special connections:
    Nipples will connect two separate fittings at each end. Male threads are present in each standard nipple. Barb fittings are useful to connect a flexible hose to a barbed tube with tapered stub and ridges inside the hose. Moreover, valves connect tube using another valve.
    With our constant growth at sales and production, success is on our side. We believe is winning customer’s trust by providing supreme quality products. Stay on our site to know more about our other products.